Who We Serve


SDM offers the first electronic, off-exchange digital liquidity provider, operating using an electronic communication network (ECN). We provide aggressive streaming liquidity aggregation solutions, some of the deepest liquidity in world and cutting edge technologies to deploy this liquidity to end-users anonymously with 24/7 accessibility.

Mining Groups

  • Mining operators look for trusted liquidity providers that can deliver on a constituent basis. Secure Digital Markets provides these groups with access to our trading infrastructure and matches our clients to the best available price across our liquidity pools, completely eliminating the heavy lifting of sourcing price discovery. We work with miners on a 1-on-1 level to develop an execution framework that gives them the flexibility they need to continue scaling out their operations.

Institutions & Traders

  • SDM provides our clients with deeper liquidity packaged into a more secure and personalized trading experience. Whether trades are executed through a dedicated account broker, or executed via FIX-API connectivity, SDM provides its clients with a custom-service that is discreet, secure, and competitive on fees.


  • Secure Digital Markets acts and specializes as a liquidity supplier for recently completed ICOs and STOs. We aim to provide liquidity to our ICO/STO clients by facilitating the capitalization of their raised assets. We aid in the liquidation of the 7 largest digital assets by market capitalization, in exchange for fiat in blocks of $100K USD+.
  • We simultaneously offer secure custodial services through our escrow partner for clients to store their raised cryptocurrency.


  • SDM provides our exchange clients with deep and executable streaming liquidity this is either deployed on behalf of our brokers via chat or phone, or exchanges can plug directly into our platform via FIX-API and stream our liquidity directly into their own orders books. Whatever their preferred solution is, we provide these clients with the liquidity they need to maintain their order book depth.


  • Retail clients get access to a host of trading instruments and advanced order types including ALGO, OCO, Icebergs, Vwap and GTC.


  • We provide investment portfolios with digital asset exposure, while insulating them from the risks associated with executing large orders on the open market.

Family Offices

  • We provide family office portfolios with the digital asset exposure they are looking for, coupled with the high touch support and professional market insight that is impossible to find through online exchanges, saving our family office clients time and money.