An OTC desk is instrumental in helping you source liquidity without tapping into the exchange order book. The major benefit of sourcing liquidity outside of the order book is the ability to complete larger transactions without impacting the market rate of the asset you are trading. 

Secure Digital Markets proudly settles transactions within the hour, unless there is a clog in the mempool. 

We are currently offering our liquidity solutions to North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, certain parts of Africa and the Middle East. A full list of countries that we can service can be found within our KYC policies found here. If your country is not already represented on the list provided, please contact us and we can look into including it. 

We currently accept the following fiat currencies: CAD, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, and CHF. We accept the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, NEO, XRP, USDT, TUSD, PAX, USDC. Additional stablecoins and currencies can be made available upon request. 

Funding your account must be done with a wire transfer. 

Assuming KYC approval has been completed, a typical transaction with Secure Digital Markets takes approximately 5 minutes from start to finish. 

Yes. KYC and AML requirements vary depending on your jurisdiction, please reach out here (hyperlink here to contact us) and we will send you the right KYC package. 

Secure Digital Markets accepts trades that are $25,000 or larger. If you are looking for a transaction that is smaller than this you are welcome to contact us and we can see if there is a solution. 

No, Secure Digital Markets does not participate in any proprietary trading while clients are trading in order to prevent any conflicts of interest. 

Clients are able to place orders through voice chat, trade chat on (WhatsApp or Telegram) or through direct access to our electronic trading platform. Additionally, clients can plugin our API to stream liquidity directly through FIX, REST or WebSocket. 

We service market, limit, VWAP, or iceberg orders. 

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