5 Reasons to choose OTC ​over traditional exchanges​

Individuals and Institutions are trading crypto over the counter​ for a reason​

Buying or selling large amounts of cryptocurrency is difficult to do without getting poor execution prices on trades.

Investors new to digital assets generally go for the traditional exchanges early on, but find several big problems with this mechanism.

Luckily, OTC desks present a trustworthy and appealing alternative to traditional exchanges. Here are the 5 reasons companies are choosing OTC desks over traditional cryptocurrency exchanges.

Customer Service​

The level of service you receive at centralized exchanges is very limited and can also lead to very long wait times getting answers. OTC desks involve one-on-one interaction with a representative who can solve your problem in a hurry. ​

Slippage ​

When a big order is executed on an exchange, that has the potential to move the market by eating up all the liquidity at a certain price level. As a result, the trade may execute at a worse price. This can be prevented by sourcing liquidity [or utilizing our smart order router that integrates to] from 20 exchanges and dealers at once, minimizing the amount the price moves during your trade. ​

Trading Expertise​

On exchanges, everything is up to you and the decisions you make. If you want advice and input from an expert, the professionals at OTC desks have great visibility into market dynamics and industry trends. Plus, many OTC desks provide daily updates and reports that can help you keep up with the markets. ​

Integrated Banking​

When trading for yourself on centralized exchanges, you’re essentially on your own. OTC desks, due to the high level of customer service they provide, can help you deal with the banking and custody implications of trading and holding cryptocurrencies. ​

Broad Asset Support​

Centralized exchanges are slow to add coins to their offerings, whereas brokerages can be agile and add coins as the volumes start to justify interest from clients. This allows investors to get early exposure to cryptocurrency assets as they are up-and-coming.​

Secure Digital Markets is Executing Best-in-Class Trades for Institutions and Individuals​

We offer deeper liquidity and a private, more personalized service to institutions and high net-worth individuals. This includes same-day or flexible settlements, as well as the ability to fill large orders that might be too disruptive if placed on open markets at the exchanges.