Our Firm

Secure Digital Markets has built a boutique digital asset acquisition and liquidity strategy that effectively services the tailored needs of its clients.

Secure Digital Markets (SDM) is a leading global MSB-licensed digital asset trading firm that provides boutique financial services to small, medium and large capital management groups, payments and forex corporations and other financial institutions, governments and individuals. SDM was founded in 2017, is headquartered in Toronto, and has partners and representatives in financial centers around the world.

Our Products

SDM is one of the first electronic, off-exchange digital asset liquidity providers in North America, operates through an electronic communication network (ECN), and offers deep liquidity to its clients with around the clock service.

People and Culture

We pride ourselves on having an excellent team and providing them with the educational resources, relationships and professional opportunities to develop their critical thinking capabilities, and to identify customized digital asset acquisition, trading and liquidation strategies.

At Secure Digital Markets, we are aware that our people and relationships are our greatest competitive advantage. For this reason, we ensure that all our people have the opportunity to professionally develop by providing them with the access to information, contacts and work that will continuously challenge them with opportunities that can accelerate career growth. Team members at Secure Digital Markets are encouraged to share their ideas and actually take on leadership roles to implement them.

As a company that is rapidly growing along with the entire digital asset industry, Secure Digital Markets offers many ways for team members to get more involved inside the Secure Digital Markets trading business or in any of the GDA Group portfolio of companies. Our goals are to provide a personal and professional environment that will develop our team members into global leaders in the blockchain and digital asset space.

Our board of directors

Zachary Friedman headshot

Zachary Friedman

Co-Founder and COO of Secure Digital Markets, has executed over $500M in digital asset OTC transactions, and has had two previous exits.

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Michael Gord

Founder & CEO at MLG Blockchain, has experience on TD Bank blockchain team, advised on over $400M of token sales.

David Shafrir

David Shafrir

Co-Founder and CEO of Secure Digital Markets, previous entrepreneur and exited past business to Groupon.

Our team

Mostafa Al Mashita​

Mostafa Al-Mashita

EVP, Sales & Trading

Jonah Mirsky headshot

Jonah Mirsky

Marketing & Operations Associate

Rich Zhou​2

Rich Zhou

VP Finance


Ryan Mueller

VP, Compliance

gabriel barbera

Gabriel Barbera


Will Bartlett

Will Bartlett

Research Associate

Ahmed Nasser headshot

Ahmed Nasser

Financial Analyst

David Han 1

David Han

Joel Binda

Joel Binda


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