Our Firm

Secure Digital Markets has built a boutique digital asset acquisition and liquidity strategy that effectively services the tailored needs of its clients.

Secure Digital Markets (SDM) is a leading global MSB-licensed digital asset trading firm that provides boutique financial services to small, medium and large capital management groups, payments and forex corporations and other financial institutions, governments and individuals. SDM was founded in 2017, is headquartered in Toronto, and has partners and representatives in financial centers around the world.

Our Products

SDM is one of the first electronic, off-exchange digital asset liquidity providers in North America, operates through an electronic communication network (ECN), and offers deep liquidity to its clients with around the clock service.

People and Culture

We pride ourselves on having an excellent team and providing them with the educational resources, relationships and professional opportunities to develop their critical thinking capabilities, and to identify customized digital asset acquisition, trading and liquidation strategies.

At Secure Digital Markets, we are aware that our people and relationships are our greatest competitive advantage. For this reason, we ensure that all our people have the opportunity to professionally develop by providing them with the access to information, contacts and work that will continuously challenge them with opportunities that can accelerate career growth. Team members at Secure Digital Markets are encouraged to share their ideas and actually take on leadership roles to implement them.

As a company that is rapidly growing along with the entire digital asset industry, Secure Digital Markets offers many ways for team members to get more involved inside the Secure Digital Markets trading business or in any of the GDA Group portfolio of companies. Our goals are to provide a personal and professional environment that will develop our team members into global leaders in the blockchain and digital asset space.

Our board of directors

David Shafrir

David Shafrir

Co-Founder and CEO of Secure Digital Markets, previous entrepreneur and exited past business to Groupon.

Zachary Friedman headshot

Zachary Friedman

Co-Founder and COO of Secure Digital Markets, has executed over $500M in digital asset OTC transactions, and has had two previous exits.

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Michael Gord

Founder & CEO at MLG Blockchain, has experience on TD Bank blockchain team, advised on over $400M of token sales.

Our team

Sanjay Duggal headshot

Sanjay Duggal

Chief Compliance Officer


Mostafa Al-Mashita

EVP, Sales & Trading

Calvin Leyon

Calvin Leyon

Head of Product Development

James Godfrey 300x300 1

James Godfrey

EVP, International Banking & Lending

James Godfrey is the director of corporate banking at GDA Capital. James is a senior multi-product credit professional with strong trading, sales and leadership skills from his prior experience as the managing director at Nomura & Mizuho where he created the largest corporate bond trading desk in Europe. Currently, James spearheads GDA’s capital markets and banking division where he oversees fund management strategies, asset allocations, and portfolio management.
Joaquim Miro headshot

Joaquim Miro

Director, Global Growth

Joaquim Miro is a serial entrepreneur focussed on the Blockchain & FinTech industries. After founding The Alternative Ways while traveling around the world, Joaquim built MLG Blockchain alongside Michael. In 2017, Joaquim became the youngest person to ever sit on a council for the Canadian Marketing Association. His work has been featured on BNN, Bloomberg, Yahoo and many others. His areas of expertise include establishing remote work processes, executing global marketing campaigns, staffing and enabling high growth scaling. Outside of work Joaquim keeps himself busy with travel, piano and paragliding. 
Rich Zhou 2 300x300 1

Richard Zhou


Rich was previously the Controller and Head of FP&A for a Canadian Challenger bank, where he raised over $60M of Venture Capital funds. Prior, he has also been involved in large M&A transactions such as the Walmart Canada Bank sale. He is a Canadian who was originally from China and has lived in Japan.
Alex Dohi 300x300 1

Alex Dohi

Deputy Compliance

Nicolas Carrier

Nicolas Carrier

Junior Sales Trader


Jack Sexton

Junior Account Manager

David Han 1

David Han

Product Controller

Latif Al Shalal

Latif Al-shalal

Financial Analyst

Mariana Zamriga 2 300x300 1

Mariana Zamriga

Head, HR

Gorzheltson Ekaterina Headshot 300x300 1

Ekaterina Gorzheltson

Director, Finance

Ori Ohayon 300x300 1

Ori Ohayon

VP, Derivatives & Cap Markets

Luka Kremic 300x300 1

Luka Kremic

Analyst, Capital Markets

ahmed nasser

Ahmed Nasser

Associate, Financial Analyst

Michael Van De Velde 300x300 1

Michael Van De Velde

VP, Accounting

Michael Van De Velde is the senior manager of accounting at GDA Capital. He has 7 years of work experience with Deloitte, KPMG, and has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2018. Currently, Michael also manages the portfolio of investments at GDA Capital where he oversees asset allocations, portfolio management, and investment management decisions.

Alexandra Mukhamedgaliyeva

Manager, Finance

Joel Binda

Joel Binda

Finance Operations Associate

Joel previously worked as a treasury analyst for a bank and a municipality. Experienced in traditional finance with money markets, derivatives and bonds, Joel has managed liquidity portfolios and cash forecasting for large organizations. He has a degree in finance and has successfully started and sold his own business. Joel also enjoys graphic design, writing and studying history.
Ashley Moore 300x300 1

Ashley Moore

VP, Sales

Ashley heads our European team and has 25 years experience managing and trading derivatives in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. He has advised and educated Hedge Funds, Trust Companies, Law & Accountancy Firms on digital assets and blockchain for the past few years. Extensive experience covering International Banks, Hedge Funds Market Makers and Central Banks. Performance driven with the ability to inspire and manage team members. International Experience (London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan)
Melodie Buttigieg 300x300 1

Melodie Buttigieg

HR Coordinator

Melodie is the HR Coordinator at GDA Capital and believes in the power of helping employees advance their careers by creating an inclusive and motivating workplace for employees to thrive in. Melodie is responsible for multiple functions within the HR department such as on/offboarding, hiring and learning and development. Outside of work, Melodie enjoys all things nature and creating music. She also spends her free time volunteering for the Etobicoke Humane Society.
Renata Zairetdinova

Renata Zairetdinova

Analyst, Capital Markets

AzizaHeadshot Pequeno

Aziza Raimova

Financial Analyst

gabriel barbera

Gabriel Barbera

Web Developer & Designer

Gabriel is the web developer of GDA. He is a Front End Developer and Graphic Designer with more than 10 years of experience working with Front End Technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and popular CMS like WordPress/Woocommerce. He has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, working in this field mainly in Branding and Web Design, using Software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe XD, Figma, and InVision.


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