• Overview
      • Secure Digital Markets (SDM) is a leading global MSB-licensed digital asset trading firm that provides boutique financial services to small, medium and large capital management groups, payments and forex corporations and other financial institutions, governments and individuals. SDM was founded in 2017, is headquartered in Toronto, and has partners and representatives in financial centers around the world.

    • About Us
      • SDM has built a boutique digital asset acquisition and liquidity strategy that effectively services the tailored needs of its clients.

    • Products
      • SDM is one of the first electronic, off-exchange digital asset liquidity providers in North America, operates through an electronic communication network (ECN), and offers deep liquidity to its clients with around the clock service.

    • People and Culture
      • We pride ourselves on our innovative corporate culture and passionate team members. Our organization is only as good as our people and we strive to consistently raise the bar by bringing the smartest group to the table.

    • Leadership
      • See the biographies of our firm’s board of directors and senior management.

    • Location
    • Overview
      • At Secure Digital Markets, we are aware that our people and relationships are our greatest competitive advantage. For this reason, we ensure that all our people have the opportunity to professionally develop by providing them with the access to information, contacts and work that will continuously challenge them with opportunities that can accelerate career growth.

    • Our Founders
      • Our founders our pioneers in digital asset and blockchain trading.

    • Our Team
      • We commit people, capital and ideas to help our clients, shareholders and the communities we serve to grow.

    • Business Principles
      • Secure Digital Markets works with the highest ethicacy and always ensures that we ca can deliver for our clients. In addition to our trading and brokerage services, we look to add value in other ways by being a part of our network.

    • Overview
      • Secure Digital Markets analysts and traders share insights, market research and industry updates that are impacting the blockchain industry.

    • Corporate News
      • Recent milestones and progress from Secure Digital Markets and our subsidiaries

    • Market Insights
      • Digital asset trading, treasury management and liquidation tips for hedge funds, private equity firms, etc

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    • FAQ
      • Commonly asked questions related to digital asset trading, capital management, treasury management, liquidity

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Privacy Policy

Secure Digital Markets provides support for the following list of digital assets and foreign exchange currencies.

If you do not see a demanded digital asset in the list below we encourage you to contact us and we will look into how we could integrate it into our trading capabilities.

AssetMarketsSupported RegionStatus
ADAADA/USD, ADA/BTCAll Except New YorkPrivate Beta
ATOMATOM/USD, ATOM/BTCAll Except New YorkFully Live
ALGOALGO/USDAll Except New YorkPrivate Beta
BATBAT/USD, BAT/ETHAll Except New YorkFully Live
BTCBTC/USD, OthersAll RegionsFully Live
BCHBCH/USD, BCH/BTCAll RegionsFully Live
CVCCVC/USDCAll Except New YorkPrivate Beta
DAIDAI/USD, DAI/BTC, DAI/ETCAll Except New YorkFully Live
DASHDASH/USD, DASH/BTCAll Except New YorkPrivate Beta
DCRDCR/BTCAll Except New YorkFully Live

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