SDM Lending​

Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency Infrastructure Lending​

Lending for the Modern Economy​

SDM Lending is focused on providing clients with access to premier non-recourse lending solutions for the digital asset financial markets. We operate as a lending agent for borrowing not only on digital assets but also on the infrastructure that surrounds them such as Bitcoin or other digital asset mining equipment.

Understanding the inherent risks associated with digital assets, we’ve build collateralized lending models that bring the largest access to capital along with the best rates for our clients.

Collateralized Borrowing​

Ranging from $200k - $25M​

Non-Recourse Loans ​

Ranging from $200k - $25M​

Miner Financing ​

Ranging from $200k - $25M​

Backed By A Major Financial Institution​

We offer institutional-grade backing on our lending, but with all the benefits of a company that is crypto-first and actually understands your business.

Almost every lending provider in the cryptocurrency market is heavily exposed to the price of Bitcoin. If the price drops, they may be unable to cover costs and need to liquidate. Which means borrowers and lenders are risking their funds based on the solvency of these small companies.

GDA has negotiated the perfect balance of size and flexibility by partnering with a major financial institution. Caution is key with collateralized lending, and you need to trust the company holding your money so you know your funds are safe in the case of dropping asset prices.


What is SDM Lending​

SDM Lending is an organization focused on disruptive technology and is the holding organization behind Secure Digital Markets.

$2 Billion+

in digital asset transactions

Here for your needs

SDM Lending is connected to institutional lending organizations that can assist borrowers. Our significant experience with digital assets provides deep exposure to the market.