Secure Digital Markets (SDM) is an institutional trading firm focused on providing two-way OTC transaction settlement for both private and institutional clients.

We connect buyers and sellers at any level per transaction.

This ensures the counter parties can safely transact their valuable Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all OTC transactions in a safe environment through a proven process, involving reputable Attorneys, Escrow Agents and Notaries.

OTC Liquidity Solutions

Secure Digital Markets offers comprehensive liquidity services to all industry players. We offer a compliant, process driven liquidity offering for individuals, institutions, initial coin offerings, security token offerings and mining groups alike. We provide liquidity at competitive industry rates using our cutting edge software through specific procedural based deal matching.

Institutions and individuals

Secure Digital Markets acts as an institutional trading firm for both institutional and private clients. We connect both client types at any level of transaction in order to provide a mutually beneficial outcome. Likewise, we ensure quick turnaround time and settlement so our clients can reduce their capital costs.

Additionally, our firm can facilitate the following:
Block-auditing & authentication services
Virgin coins straight from miners
Double blind transactions to protect our stakeholders

Mining Groups

Mining operations look for trusted liquidity providers that can deliver on a consistent basis. Secure Digital Markets provides access to buyers that are ready to purchase at competitive industry prices through our deep liquidity pools. Our transactions are completed using a robust escrow service. Our procedures and processes are fully compliant and regulated with anti-fraud provisions.

ICOs and STOs

Secure Digital Markets acts and specializes as a liquidity supplier for recently completed ICOs and STOs. We aim to provide liquidity to our ICO/STO clients by facilitating the capitalization of raised assets. We aid in the liquidation of both bitcoin and ethereum for fiat (USD, EUR, etc) in blocks of 100kUSD+.

We simultaneously offer secure custodial services through our escrow partner for clients to store their raised cryptocurrency.

Transaction compliance and security

All of our clients satisfy a comprehensive compliance check that satisfies KYC/AML laws including strict PEP list checks. Dual escrow, double blind transactions and custody provided by Etana.

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