ICO & STO Liquidity Solutions

Secure Digital Markets (SDM) is an institutional trading firm focused on providing two-way OTC transaction settlement for both private and institutional clients.

Secure Digital Markets (SDM) is a digital asset trading desk and liquidity provider. SDM provides custom tailored liquidity to meet our clients needs. Low fees, professional support and best-in-class market depth creates a more rewardable trading experience for all.

Utilize your raised cryptocurrency for project expansion.

ICO & STO Liquidity Solutions

Secure Digital Markets connects Initial Coin Offerings & Security Token Offerings to our pool of cryptocurrency buyers to liquidate their raised funds in exchange for fiat currency. Clients on-board with SDM’s partner custody platform to store cryptocurrency in a safe and secure network. As the client’s project grows, access to fiat is needed to fund operations, pay invoices and fulfill cash calls. SDM offers a quick turn around and high limit liquidity, to liquidate your BTC & ETH.

Extensive Networks

Proprietary deal flow based on long-standing relationships with leading institutions and financial service providers.


Deep understanding of capital markets and digital assets with over 4 years working in the OTC markets and 15+ years in FX.

Deep Liquidity

Global network of liquidity partners and providers with the ability topurchase $2 million USD in digital assets daily.

High Standards

Regulated custody platform for raised assets with strict regulatory oversight, global KYC/AML compliance and extensive due diligence. Access to tier-1 banking across all five continents.

Efficient Turnaround

Dedicated team allows for immediate transactions and trades processing within 30 minutes of request for onboarded clients and same daysettlement for existing customers.


Current institutions that have synched their services with Secure Digital Markets include:

Process for liquidating raised digital assets

From start to finish, projects can liquidate funds with Secure Digital Markets within the span of 72 hours for your first transaction and 24 hours for existing customers.

  • Onboard as a client on Etana with complete KYC/AML.
  • Custody your cryptocurrency with Etana Custody.
  • Initiate trade with SDM for set price → secure SPA
  • Trade settlement and fund release.

Start trading.