What We Do

Secure Digital Markets is the trading arm of GDA Capital Corporation, an institutional capital markets firm focused on digital assets, that works with digital asset issuers and capital management firms through the complete process of acquiring digital assets, managing their treasury and liquidating. We also have payment interests that provide distribution for digital assets to payment terminals, point of sale systems, financial kiosks. At Secure Digital Markets, we:


Secure Digital Markets provides a suite of institutional grade trading, liquidity and support services for our bespoke clientele.

Digital Asset Trading


SDM OTC Trading provides deep liquidity on top digital assets against G10 fiat currencies with post-trade settlement and credit facilities with a proven track record of executing large transactions. SDM trades with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), stable coins and other alternative digital assets.


Digital Asset Treasury Management

SDM Treasury Management works with digital asset issuers and capital management firms to manage treasuries of digital assets and designs models to maximize ROI whether considering a long or short time horizon and risk profile.

Digital Asset Custody

SDM Custody provides all clients with an enterprise grade custody solution. We utilize a hardware based online vault and secure transfer environment to provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure all client assets are safely monitored, stored, and accessible at all times.

Cash Management

SDM Cash Management is a comprehensive full-service assisting BTM/ATM clients with their secure cash management, transportation and logistics requirements. Based in Toronto Canada, SDM Cash Management services Canada and the USA with bespoke European services available upon request.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

SDM FX is designed to meet the needs of a growing and diverse client base looking for favourable global currency rates, settlement terms and timelines. SDM FX offers competitive pricing with the distinct advantage of maintaining client funds within the SDM trading and capital ecosystem.

Structured Financial Products

SDM Loans has deep relationships to global debt capital organizations and is able to facilitate collateralized loans for any asset including real estate, public equities, bitcoin and other digital assets and alternative currencies, equipment, trade financing, among other assets. 


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