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Digital Asset Trading for the Institutional Investor

Secure Digital Markets serves institutional clients across the blockchain industry including miners of bitcoin and alternative digital currencies, capital markets institutions, active traders, exchanges, BTM Networks, and high net worth individuals.

Why Choose us

Secure Digital Markets bridges the gap between institutional capital and digital assets by providing flexible and curated liquidity solutions to our customers.

Catering to institutional money looking for a way into the digital asset space, we understand your business and provide custom solutions to fit it.

Whether you’re an institution, trader, family office, exchange, fund, or mining group, we can provide you with everything from auto-liquidation to a direct feed of liquidity right to your API.

SDM is one of the first electronic, off-exchange digital asset liquidity providers in North America, operates through an electronic communication network (ECN), and offers deep liquidity to its clients with around-the-clock service.

Our Story

Secure Digital Markets was started in an effort to bring digital asset trading to institutional investors by giving them great customer service *and* superior pricing.

In 2017, we were shocked to see how hard it was for institutional investors to put their money into cryptocurrency. There were significant barriers in place and using an exchange just wasn’t feasible.

So we did what any entrepreneurs would do. We started sourcing liquidity and providing Bitcoin to our new clients.

Along the way, we’ve grown and expanded to provide tighter spreads and more hands-on customer service.

Now we operate with an MSB license with offices in Toronto and New York, a global network, and hundreds of clients whose trades we handle.

Our founders

Zachary Friedman headshot

Zachary Friedman

Mostafa Al Mashita​

Mostafa Al-Mashita

David Shafrir

David Shafrir

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Clients come to us for spot trading of digital assets. We’re the perfect service provider for same-day settlement trading of the top 15 digital asset pairs (available against G10 currencies).

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