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SDM provides OTC cryptocurrency spot trading services to institutional, high net worth and corporate clients across 60+ international markets.

Specifically focused on digital assets, SDM provides a custom-fit approach to digital currency markets, with dedicated sales and bespoke trading to offer state of the art trading solutions.

cryptocurrency spot trading

OTC Cryptocurrency Spot Trading with Superior Pricing and Service

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Secure Digital Markets serves institutional clients across the blockchain industry including miners of bitcoin and alternative digital currencies, capital markets institutions, active traders, exchanges, BTM Networks, and high net worth individuals.



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Frequently Asked Questions​

To start OTC crypto trading, sign up for a new OTC trading account and our team will take care of you today. Our onboarding process is comprehensive, and provides you with the information you need to start trading crypto. You’ll get a customer service representative who will guide you through any problems that may come up. At this stage, we’ll perform due diligence to verify everything is sorted and ready before you make your first trade. 

There are several features that set SDM apart as an OTC trading service:

Transparent Fees: With Secure Digital Markets, there’s no need to worry about hidden spreads or deposit/withdrawal fees while trading crypto.

Low-latency software: Trade large volumes of cryptocurrency without shifting the market rate and receive the best pricing structure on the market.

24/7 support: Get 24/7 customer service and access white-label tech services to support all trading needs. 

50+ years of experience: While we won’t make Bitcoin price predictions, our team does have experience across the banking, technology, consulting, cryptocurrency, and legal sectors. This makes us uniquely qualified to assist in OTC cryptocurrency trading.

Secure Digital Markets has a minimum trade value of $25,000, due to the customer service and liquidity sourcing required to fulfill these trades. At SDM, we specialize in high-volume crypto OTC trading, ensuring that high-volume trades don’t negatively impact market exchange rates.

OTC trading allows investors to make high-volume trades without shifting the market. Unlike a traditional crypto exchange, you don’t have to rely on the exchange order book to find liquidity. 

Exchanges have limited liquidity, making them unable to process a large trade without causing significant slippage in the markets. Hence, they’re inherently more suitable for smaller retail investors. 

On the other hand, an OTC desk supports high-volume crypto trades, which allows clients to purchase a large amount of cryptocurrency without worrying about getting a bad price.

Additionally, exchanges are impersonal and don’t offer any trade help or customer service. Crypto OTC desks have assigned trading representatives who can help you with your account and ensure everything runs smoothly when you buy and trade crypto.

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Specifically focused on digital assets, SDM provides a custom-fit approach to digital currency markets, with dedicated sales and bespoke trading to offer state-of-the-art trading solutions.

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