Who We Serve


Secure Digital Markets, in partnership with MLG blockchain has launched the new joint venture Global Digital Assets (GDA). GDA has uniquely positioned itself to become one of the industry's first full-suite advisory firms to offer merchant banking and consultancy services specifically tailored for the digital world. GDA will be able to assist firms through the full venture lifecycle, leveraging the collective knowledge accumulated through SDM’s experience in Over-the-Counter trading & financial services, coupled with MLG blockchains experience in consultancy, token launching & execution, and technology development.

Token Projects & Founders

  • GDA will provide projects and founders with a fill-suite of in-house capabilities to help navigate the digital asset landscape. This includes strategic & technical development, capital formation, token issuance, and secondary market liquidity.

Miners & Wallets

  • We provide Miners and Wallets with the bespoke financial and strategic insight required to take their businesses to the next stage of their roadmap.


  • GDA’s extensive network of LP’s can help exchanges penetrate new markets, and capture a larger market share. We will help exchanges with liquidity provisions, token listings, as well as compliance and regulatory adherence.
  • We simultaneously offer secure custodial services through our escrow partner for clients to store their raised cryptocurrency.


  • Access to the GDA ecosystem will provide accredited investors with an exclusive, pre-vetted portfolio of innovative and socially impactful investment opportunities.