• Overview
      • Secure Digital Markets Inc (SDM) is a leading global digital asset trading, marketing making, and treasury management firm with an MSB license that provides boutique financial services to small medium and large capital management groups, payments and forex corporations and other financial institutions, governments and individuals. SDM was founded in 2017, is headquartered in Toronto and New York City with partners and representatives in financial centers around the world.

    • About Us
      • Secure Digital Markets is committed to providing cutting edge trading solutions to financial institutions and global liquidity to digital asset issuers with a mission of making blockchains and digital assets mainstream. SDM is a specialized digital asset trading firm within GDA Capital Corporation, a diversified capital markets firm with operations around the world.

    • Who we serve
      • Secure Digital Markets serves institutional clients across the blockchain industry including miners of bitcoin and alternative digital currencies, capital markets institutions, active traders, exchanges, BTM Networks, and high net worth individuals.

    • Products
      • Secure Digital Markets has a suite of financial products including SDM.live that provide us with off market liquidity at all times of bitcoin and alternative digital currencies.

    • People and Culture
      • We pride ourselves on our innovative corporate culture and passionate team members. Our organization is only as good as our people and we strive to consistently raise the bar by bringing the smartest group to the table.

    • Leadership
      • See the biographies of our firm’s board of directors and senior management.

    • Locations
      • Locate our offices around the world in Canada, the United States and globally.

    • Overview
      • We provide liquidity and market making strategies to digital asset issuers and large holders and boutique trading and treasury management strategies to individuals, hedge funds, family offices, private equity funds and other capital management firms. Learn more about our various businesses and find a solution that meets your personal or business needs.

    • Trading
      • Trading and liquidation services to help organizations issuing or holding digital assets with liquidity and boutique trading and investment strategies for individuals and capital management firms.

    • Treasury Management
      • Customized treasury management strategy to liquidate digital assets over set periods of time with specific return goals across global exchanges to ensure limited price movement and hedge long term exposure to any particular asset.

    • Digital Asset Custody
      • Customized custody solutions implementing secure institutional software infrastructure.

    • Overview
      • Our people share in our mission of advancing the digital asset and blockchain industry by providing access to global liquidity and market making strategies for digital asset issuers and boutique digital asset trading strategies for capital management firms and other financial institutions.

    • Our Founders
      • Our founders our pioneers in digital asset and blockchain trading.

    • Our Team
      • We commit people, capital and ideas to help our clients, shareholders and the communities we serve to grow.

    • Business Principles
      • Secure Digital Markets works with the highest ethicacy and always ensures that we ca can deliver for our clients. In addition to our trading and brokerage services, we look to add value in other ways by being a part of our network.

    • Overview
      • Secure Digital Markets analysts and traders share insights, market research and industry updates that are impacting the blockchain industry.

    • Corporate News
      • Recent milestones and progress from Secure Digital Markets and our subsidiaries

    • Market Insights
      • Digital asset trading, treasury management and liquidation tips for hedge funds, private equity firms, etc

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    • FAQ
      • Commonly asked questions related to digital asset trading, capital management, treasury management, liquidity

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Structured Financial Products

SDM Structured Financial Products has deep relationships to global capital organizations and is able to create unique financial products using decentralized financial technology coupled with traditional capital market tools. Products offered include collateralized loans for any asset including real estate, public equities, bitcoin and other digital assets and alternative currencies, equipment, trade financing, among other assets.

About Us

Secure Digital Markets brings the smartest people together with disruptive capital management firms to build boutique acquisition, liquidation and treasury management strategies that maximize returns in the digital asset market.

Who We Service


SDM specializes as a liquidity supplier for recently completed token offers and miners alike. We provide liquidity for our clients to ensure the capitalization of their raised assets by assisting in the conversion to fiat. We simultaneously offer treasury management strategies and secure custodial services through our escrow partners for clients to store their raised cryptocurrency.


SDM provides it’s clients with deeper liquidity, packaged into a more secure and personalized trading experience. Whether trades are executed through SDM’s dedicated brokers, or executed manually via our web GUI, SDM provides its clients with a custom-service that is discrete, secure and competitive on fees.

Active Traders

SDM provides a high quality of service with 24/7 availability times to active traders who are in need of a trading desk who can acquire and trade digital assets globally. SDM handles the on and off ramp for traders as well as the custody so they know their digital assets are secured.


SDM has created a tailored solution for exchanges. With unparalleled liquidity, domestic payment solutions and credit and leverage facilities, we provide exchanges with the service they need to always meet market demand. Coupled with Multi-fiat, and same day settlement we can help exchanges scale out their business and expand into new markets.

BTM Networks

SDM provides flexible and customizable liquidity options for BTM Networks globally who require ongoing liquidity, treasury management and cash management solutions. SDM can handle liquidity for BTM Networks who operate locally in a single country or ones who operate globally using several different fiat currencies.


SDM provides education on various options to high net work individuals looking for long term treasury management and liquidity solutions. SDM provides various treasury management options with different risk assessments and manages the long term liquidation of digital asset to high net worth individuals who are large holders of digital assets.


SDM offers the first electronic, off-exchange digital liquidity provider, operating using an electronic communication network (ECN) with the deepest liquidity in the world and 24/7 accessibility

People and Culture

We pride ourselves on having an excellent team and providing them with the educational resources, relationships and professional opportunities to develop their critical thinking capabilities to identify customized digital asset acquisition, trading and liquidation strategies.


Join one of the fastest growing blockchain firms in the world.

Our Leadership

View the bio of our founders and key executives.

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