Treasury Management

By understanding your goals as an organization, we can build customized treasury management solutions that suit your needs and considers both digital asset and fiat needs with a global macro perspective.

We manage security deposits and yield generating activities to maximize returns and our Treasury Management team is dedicated to simplifying your financial operations and strengthening your bottom line so you can focus on your business and not the day to day management of your balance sheet investment assets.

Leverage the expertise of a dedicated team to keep your business one step ahead.

  • Unlock value in your liquidity management to maximize your bottom line
  • Streamline your diverse receivables channels into a simple, efficient process
  • Strategically manage your payables to optimize your working capital
  • Take advantage of cross-border solutions to empower your international business


1. Assess Goals & Risk Appetite

SDM needs to determine what the short and long term cash requirements are of the company, any potential projects that will require capital injections and at what time and the level of risk that the executives of the firm want to have with the investment assets on your balance sheet. 

2. Understand Financials

SDM will perform due diligence on the company financials, assets and treasury holdings to ensure accuracy. SDM will then ensure they understand the operating expenditures, necessary cashflows to operate the buisness and runway/burn rate in managing financial risks to allow the company to meet its financial obligations and ensure predictable business performance.  

3. Propose & Refine Plan

SDM will compile the information that was gathered from the goals, risk assessment and from understanding the financials to prepare a couple options of treasury management plans that might fit with various expected returns, asset holding and release schedules. From here SDM can make any refinements and then take the treasury management plan to market so you can focus on your business and not managing your investment assets. 

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